Hello, welcome at With this online gallery I would like to present you the drawings I have made until now. Creating these drawings is a hobby, so I'm not a professional and neither did I attend drawing-academy. You can see it as a way of expressing myself but most of all, it is just a creative activity.

In the meantime, the website has received a brand new layout, allowing you to easily discover the different drawings I've made.

In the gallery you can find most of the drawings I made, chronologically ordered and with a short comment. For my last drawings you will find a direct link to the 'Making of'-page. On this page you can see how these drawings evolved from sketch to detailed drawing.

In the photoalbums, you can find pictures of my first exhibition, some pictures of the drawings I have framed and even the first pictures of my latest work. More pictures will be added here as the work continues!

If you have any reactions, questions or hints, then the Facebook page of is the place to be; you find the link at the bottom of this page. All your feedback is more than welcome here!

Enjoy your stay,


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